My Homepage Welcome to my homepage ja Attitudes toward fashion and beauty adjust with age There are certain body parts that resist change as years accumulate. They are long overdue for recognition. Ignore hair and skip past the face. Hair loses its oomph due to adherence to the silly-sometimes-outrageous whims and acrobatics of style, and, while interesting, the face constantly changes as a moving picture of life lived over the years – for better or worse.

So, let’s start with underappreciated earlobes. Unadorned ears are funny-looking, but add earrings, and a new world opens. Men and women alike know the appeal, and some have made their weird auditory appendages a daily celebration in hoops, studs and whatnot. As for jewelry, the old rule not to overdo still holds. It is a wise person who, after scrutiny in the mirror, edits and eliminates something.

As a college freshman, I suddenly, overwhelmingly, immediately had to have pierced ears, but needed to frantically call upon my dad to help get the needle all the way through the tough skin. I still have those engraved hoops. Thanks to the pandemic and ear-loop masks, and a hearing aid with battery apparatus riding behind the ear (in danger of being ripped off), I had to eliminate earrings from my daily program.

And now let’s analyze wrists. As willing canvases for cologne, bracelets and watches, they really do know how to hold their own and keep up appearances. I have owned many wearable time-pieces, but since retiring from work, I’m my own time clock. Wrists cry out for adornment, though, and while most of my bracelets are costume baubles, there are a few good pieces, gifts from my husband. Like Blanche du Bois in “A Streetcar Named Desire,” I occasionally try on and model my collection for an audience of one. Please don’t judge.

For dress-up occasions, a single strand of pearls is my go-to. Why would any lady over the age of forty purposely call attention to her neck? As necks go, mine is not the worst. It has served me well, but tight and swanlike it is not. Pearls are elegant and classic. They remind me of happy times, sorority-composite cameos and can turn a bland day into, if not a party, something special. I ignore warnings not to wear pearls whiter than my teeth. Thanks to my hygienist, mine are white enough not to do battle with my pearls of choice.

Despite rumors about feet not gaining weight, they are fickle beings. They delight in changing with age and mileage. My head says: Buy shoes anyway. I love off-beat shoes and haunt sales racks where the best, unusual, flat-heeled ones lurk. Since my go-to foot apparel is sneakers, I never use up my special shoes, I just donate them when they go out of favor. One of the saddest days of my life was loading boxes of the great-quality high heels I’d worn to work. I still get choked up remembering those eye-catching dressy shoes of my past. Age, joint and disk replacements drove nails into that fancy coffin.

This essay is a tribute to my long-departed mom, Olive Kelley. She never went to town without buying the latest in sandals, scuffs, slippers or pretty lace-ups for her young daughters to wear to church and school. She also purchased the best dime-store jewelry, socks and accessories. Luckily, I have an understanding husband who never questions why I need five pairs of shoes imprinted with dog images, even without my mentioning that a portion of those sales went to a dog rescue program. And just knowing my colorful collections exist is enough to fill me with joy.Read more at:red prom dresses uk | black prom dresses uk

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Fashion designer Anita Dongre on her collection Homage Inspired by traditional art and architecture, and created for a muse who defies the pressure to either conform to or break free of societal expectations, fashion designer Anita Dongre’s ‘Homage’ is an ode to a rich architectural history that is at once shape-shifting and inclusive. The collection reinterprets motifs and details in a range of crafts and techniques including Bandhini and Benarasi.

‘Homage’ spotlights alchemical shapes and patterns that transcend time. The juxta positioned curves of architecture and their linear historic ruin are brought to life by Serena Jethmalani, a young lawyer whose passion lies in the intersection of law and human rights. The geometry and play of colour on ancient tiles are modelled by Tiana Taraporvala who uses music as a medium to make people feel an emotional catharsis through her stories. Etchings that tell forgotten but distinct stories shine in the light of Sara Tendulkar who has a deep passion for research in the biosciences. With her organisational skills and intuitive mind, she has contributed in the development of skincare products with an international company. Rhea Kuruvilla who recognises how the industry of art is heavily dominated by men, has made it her mission to advocate harder for female-identifying South Asian artists, curators, and critics- it is her energy that brings the pieces in this collection inspired by tangible reminders of lives past- the documented and undocumented to the present. Alaviaa Jaaferi, a fashion influencer, and entrepreneur lends her charm to highlight the transience of time- in architecture and human will. In each piece photographed the woman featured has chosen elements to customise her lehenga and make it her own– a service long cherished by Anita Dongre brides.

Anita Dongre’s stories with craft and bespoke services which include customisation make every piece uniquely personalised. Incorporating a special colour, a word or piece of text of shared meaning, or any elements that personalises a piece to its wearer has added to the special occasion each lehenga is chosen for. Adding a bride’s personal story to a signature design gives each piece a place in time. In ‘Homage’ the old and new step into the sun together, hand in hand.

Shot at the breath-taking Six Senses Fort Barwara in Rajasthan, ‘Homage’ by Anita Dongre features handpainted Pichwai, signature gota patti, handwoven benarasi, and bandhani, in a rich palette of forest greens, blush pinks, fiery reds, sunset purples, and soothing creams and blues. Six Senses Fort Barwara made a natural choice for this display given a shared commitment to sustainability, treasuring of local craft and community.

Says Anita Dongre, “Homage is a true marriage of the old and the new in form and function, each of these intricately-detailed lehengas, tells a unique story of craft and culture. We worked with master artisans to recreate quintessential motifs in an array of crafts and colour, and shot with young women who are so deeply their own person. All of this against the beautiful backdrop of Six Senses Fort Barwara, a 14th-century fort sensitively restored through significant conservation efforts. The design of Six Senses Fort Barwara in Rajasthan reinterprets the gracious and regal ambience of a bygone era dating back 700 years.”Read more at:gold prom dresses uk | grey prom dress uk

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Nomad fashion show mixes ancient, modern On the shore of one of the world's deepest lakes, high up in Kyrgyzstan's Tian Shan mountains, models strutted and sashayed in outfits mixing the ancient and modern at the World Nomads Fashion festival.

The event, now in its third year, drew designers and fashion-industry figures from about 20 countries to shimmering Lake Issyk-Kul to admire outfits drawing on Kyrgyzstan's millennia-old nomadic culture.

The stiletto heels worn by some models wouldn't be suitable for a proper nomad, but some of their elaborate headdresses that seemed to mimic the horns of cattle were takes on traditional nomad costume. Swirling, voluminous skirts featured in many of the outfits, either elaborately patterned or in blocks of vivid color.

Along with the couture, the show offered visitors the chance to see an array of yurts — the wood-framed tents of skin or felt characteristic of nomads — and brightly colored carpets.Read more at:white formal dress uk | yellow prom dresses uk

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ワンピースは「足を隠しても足首を隠しても」痩せて上品に見える ワンピースは「足を隠しても足首を隠しても」痩せて上品に見える























どんなにスカートの色が、膝の下にスカートの裾が到着すれば、一番简単な帯に合わせ、比例のナイスを行なう。結合できるこのプリントスカートのように、黒い帯、より優れた轮郭を見せた。Read more at:fishtail prom dress | burgundy prom dresses uk

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大人の女性に似合うエレガントな着こなし 大人の女性に似合うエレガントな着こなし




















この紫の膝丈ワンピースのように、色のつながりが幻想的な雰囲気を醸し出します。動きのあるスニーカーを加えることで、柔らかさを軽減し、カジュアルな雰囲気を加えることができます。Read more at:online prom dresses uk | prom dresses uk online

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